LimoLiner Bus Rolls In Style

LimoLiner seats

LimoLiner seats

Planning a trip to Boston for a conference, I looked over all the options and decided to try the LimoLiner. The luxury bus service recently added a Hartford stop to its route between Boston and New York — and to make it even more convenient the Boston stop was at the conference site.

Here’s what I liked about the trip:

 – The seats. The plush leather seats are not quite as wide as a typical first-class seat on an airliner, but they are wider than a standard bus seat. There are only three seats across — one on one side of the aisle and two on the other — with cup holders and headphone controls between the pair of seats. That means extra elbow room and no shared armrests.  The seats are soft —  probably the most comfortable seats I’ve ever been in that moved.

The service. A friendly attendant offered, food, drinks, headphones, magazines and a terrific attitude. She used to be a flight attendant, she said, but she likes the LimoLiner better.

The ambience. The bus was quiet and spotless, with big windows. Even the bathroom was sparkling clean.

The seat belts. There is no reason for buses not to have seat belts for the safety of passengers. LimoLiner has added them to all its buses.

Seat assignment. LimoLiner lets you choose your seat in advance, like you can on the luxury buses in Europe. The options include facing seats with a conference table.

Here’s what I didn’t like:

Wi-fi. The wi-fi wasn’t working. (At one point, when I was trying to get a signal, I saw the network of a passing BoltBus!)

Bus stop.  The LimoLiner Web site suggests you can wait for the bus in the Hilton lobby nearby, but the concierge didn’t seem too keen on that. At least the streetside bus stop is under an overhang, in case it rains.

At $49 to Boston or  New York, the LimoLiner is not the cheapest way to get from Hartford to either city. But it might be the most civilized. For me, it was money well-spent.

My trip was perhaps more peaceful than usual because there were only three passengers on the bus. The attendant assured me that there are usually more passengers, and I was glad to hear it. I wouldn’t like this travel option to go away.


5 thoughts on “LimoLiner Bus Rolls In Style

  1. Cindy Murphy

    Hey, Jeanne!

    You’d be a total rock star if you could convince my hubby to ride a bus. He doesn’t care what you put on it, what it’s called, etc. To him, it’s a homeless shelter on wheels.

    1. Jeanne Leblanc Post author

      Hi Cindy,

      I’m wondering whether on-board martini service would loosen up some attitudes toward bus travel?


  2. Kate

    This reminds me of the bus I took in Spain. The seats were very comfortable, the bathroom was very clean, and we had an attendant who served us lunch. The difference is that this wasn’t considered a luxury, but the norm.

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