A Reminder That There’s No Place Like Home

“When I planned this trip to Connecticut, I expected to be awash in a sea of blue blazers, pink polo shirts and cream-colored sweaters knotted around the tanned necks of lacrosse players,” wrote Rosemary McClure in a recent story published in the Los Angeles Times.

Ah, yes, and don’t forget the blonde women driving Volvos and the picturesque antiques shops!

The story did a nice job of describing the stereotype and of debunking it, but it’s still weird to read a travel piece about the place where you live. This is an experience that we in Connecticut are generally spared because not much is written about the state. I suspect it’s just too difficult to spell. (My recommendation: think “connect” and just add “icut”.)

 Of course, the LA Times story focused on very nice inns and hotels — with prices up to $1,250 a night — in scenic areas. These places are outside the daily experience of us natives.

But the story also described many things that the writer found to appreciate in our pretty little state — the natural beauty, the wildlife, the scenic coast. These things are not outside our experience and yet we often fail to notice them. Reading a story about how a visitor views our hometown or state can be a reminder to value our daily surroundings, which those of us who love to travel may be particularly prone to take for granted.

So today I’ll go out for a walk along the Farmington River and enjoy what, I am reminded, is a state “rich in rolling landscapes, peaceful towns and quaint fishing villages.” So it is.


2 thoughts on “A Reminder That There’s No Place Like Home

  1. neighbor jon

    Not. Connecticut. What this person is writing about is Not. Connecticut. I’ve never seen that place before. Don’t expect to.

  2. Jeanne Leblanc Post author

    I disagree. It is Vacation Connecticut. Just like we see Vacation Cape Cod and Vacation California. And it’s real, it’s just not your real.


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