Daily Archives: July 17, 2009

Woman Killed On Cruise Ship

A woman was killed aboard a Carnival cruise ship and her husband was arrested when it docked today in San Diego, the Union-Tribune reports. The cruise industry has taken a lot of criticism over security lately, some of it justified. But it’s not the cruise industry’s fault when people bring their troubles with them on vacation. This could just have easily have happened in a hotel – or in the couple’s home, for that matter.


Public Not Told Of Bacteria In Missouri Lake

The people running the Missouri Department of Natural Resources have apparently never seen “Jaws,” in which the mayor and the chamber of commerce of Amity refuse to warn people about a killer shark that’s chewing up tourists as if they were Chiclets and, eww, it gets ugly from there. 

For four weeks, as thousands of vacationers enjoyed the Lake of the Ozarks, the DNR withheld a report showing unsafe levels of fecal bacteria in the lake, the Kansas City star reported. The reason, according to a department spokeswoman: “Business and tourism was a consideration. We didn’t want to panic the people.”

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