JetAmerica’s Excuses Sounding Lame

JetAmerica will refund about $500,000 to 6,486 people who bought tickets to fly between July 13 and Aug. 14, the Newark Star-Ledger reports.

The collateral damage to customers — and to JetAmerica’s reputation —  is harder to calculate. By postponing its launch for a month after selling tickets, the airline ruined countless vacations and angered thousands of people who were going to be its customer base.

JetAmerica blames the government, which it says changed the rules on landing slots at Newark. “That FAA policy change was not brought to the carrier’s attention until after it had already made millions of dollars in sales,” the company’s press release said.

Brought to our attention? This is pretty lame. The Star-Ledger story points out that JetAmerica could have bought the slots from other airlines, but couldn’t or wouldn’t spend the money.

The Star-Ledger also quoted a Twitter comment that called JetAmerica the worst airline. Pretty head stuff when it hasn’t even had a single flight.


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