Yemenia Crash Is Probably Not About Airbus

The observation that another Airbus has crashed is about as relevant as the observation that another Toyota has crashed. The manufacturer of the aircraft is likely to be among the less salient details.

Of course, it’s not clear yet what caused the crash of the Yemenia A310 into the Indian Ocean. But the circumstances are so distinct from the June 1 crash of an Air France A330 that the similarities don’t seem particularly relevant.

If it seems odd that  two large commercial jets have crashed into the ocean in the same month, well, it IS odd. But odd things happen. The fact that both airliners were made by Airbus is considerably less odd.  Airbus and Boeing so dominate  the market for large commercial aircraft that any such crash is likely to involve one or the other.

If there is an issue with the A310 like the questions about the Pitot tubes in the A330 that arose after the Air France crash, careful and diligent investigation should reveal it. At the point, however, indications point to problems with the maintenance of the particular aircraft, not flaws in that model.  Yemenia was on a European Union watch list out of concern for safety.

We can hope that time will tell what happened to this flight, but there’s no reason to believe it has the least connection to Air France Flight 447.


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