More Setbacks For Boeing 787

Boeing 787

Boeing 787

Qantas has canceled orders for 15 Boeing 787s, most definitely not because it thinks the wings will fall off, Bloomberg reports.

The problem is the economy, not recent tests that showed the need for reinforcements where the 787’s wings connect to the fuselage, according to Qantas. The design change to the wing attachment is causing further delays to test flights of the 787, which are already two years behind schedule. (Fortune has an excellent explanation of the design issue here.)

The delays to the 787, the so-called dreamliner, are disappointing for Boeing and for airline passengers. The revolutionary new design of the aircraft includes plenty of measures to improve passenger comfort, including better pressurization, larger windows and quieter engines.

I’d like to ride on one, and I’m confident it will be safe. I just wish it would get here faster.


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