Newark To Honolulu, Round Trip, $256. No Kidding

Honolulu, from Diamond Head

Honolulu, from Diamond Head

I thought I was pretty smart for picking up a $401 round-trip fare from Bradley to Honolulu for a trip I took last month. Not so much because just a few minutes ago, I booked two round trips from Newark to Honolulu for $256 each.

That includes all the taxes and fees, I kid you not.

Availability is good on these incredible fares into 2010, although they’re generally not available on Saturdays and around holidays. I suspect they won’t be sold for long, though, so if you’re going to buy, do it quickly.

I found out about the fares, available only from United and only from Newark, from the wonderful Beat of Hawaii blog. It also mentioned $276 round-trip from Atlanta.

And if you’ve never been to Hawaii, do  yourself a favor and go. It’s paradise.


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