S.C. Governor Was On The Appalachian Trail, No Wait Argentina

Is the governor of South Carolina working his way alphabetically through one of those books about all the places you should visit before you die? Because his staff said he was on the Appalachian Trail, but he apparently was in Argentina, The State newspaper reports.

If he goes to Aruba next, my theory will be confirmed.

Gov. Mark Sanford dropped from public view last Thursday and his absence was raising lots of questions. His staff and his family didn’t seem to be entirely clear on where he’d gone, and nobody in particular seemed to be in charge of South Carolina in his absence. This morning he popped back up, arriving in Atlanta on a flight from Buenos Aires.

This rules out the Appalachian Trail story because it doesn’t go all the way to South America. The governor said he’d told his staff he might go hiking on the trail, but he opted instead for Argentina, where he went driving along the coastline. 

The Associated Press went so far as to question the coastline story, pointing out the practical impediments to such a trip, mainly that Argentina has a lot more coast than it has roads. I guess the press is feeling a little skeptical.

Some people, particularly the governor’s political rivals, seem to be implying that he’s unhinged.  But I’m just envious. I’d love to go to Argentina on the spur of the moment. And if I do, I promise to designate a Lieutenant Blogger to take charge of Coach Class.


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