Men Ask For Men-Only Train Cars

by Pat Rioux via Flickr

by Pat Rioux via Flickr

Some men in Tokyo are asking for men-only cars on Tokyo commuter trains, Reuters reports.

There already are women-only cars during rush hours, to protect female passengers from groping in crowded cars. The  men say they want men-only cars to protect themselves from false accusations of groping. About 2,000 people were charged with groping on trains in Tokyo in 2007, the Reuters story said.

I’ve never been on a train in Tokyo, but I’ve been on the Mexico City subway, which also runs women-only cars to thwart groping. I was with my daughter, then 19 years old, and we had no chance to find a women-only car in the chaos.  So I directed her into a corner and stood in front of her with my best don’t-even-think-about-it face on.
It worked, at least that time. But I could see that it would be difficult to protect her — or myself — in more crowded conditions.

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