Luxury LimoLiner Bus Comes To Hartford

LimoLiner buses with wide seats, wi-fi, food service and an attendant are now serving Hartford, a fact I discovered from a huge billboard on I-84. (So much for my exclusive sources.)

The bus goes to Boston and New York, with a stop in Framingham, Mass. Fares to Boston are selling for $39 one way and $78 round trip. Fares to New York are $49 each way and $98 round trip.

In Hartford, the bus stops at the intersection of Church and Trumbull streets between the XL Center (formerly the Hartford Civic Center) and the Hartford Hilton.

In addition to extra-wide leather seats, with three seats across instead of four, there are electrical outlets, tray tables, the previously mentioned wi-fi (woo-hoo),  movies and satellite TV and radio. And of course a bathroom. An attendant serves a light meal and/or snack. At the back of the bus are seats facing each other around work tables where no cell phone use is permitted.

This is a welcome addition to Hartford’s inter-city mass transit options, and I’m eager to give it a try. With Peter Pan (through Greyhound), Megabus and Amtrak, we now have a pretty good range of price and service on routes to New York and Boston.

LimoLiner buses run four times daily. It appears that in some cases when trying to book without much advance notice that seats are available for the full New York-Boston run but not for a segment from Hartford. Booking early looks like a good idea.

I’d like to point out that a mere two years ago, this blog called on LimoLiner to stop in Hartford. Obviously, my influence is as impressive as my sources.


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