Make Sure The Names On Your Ticket And ID Match

My driver’s license says Jeanne Leblanc. My passport says Jeanne Adele Leblanc. (For so my parents named me, perhaps believing that one day I would speak enough French to justify such a moniker. Mais non. Hablo español.)

It’s important to remember how my name is rendered because the TSA wants the name on my identification to match the name on my airline ticket. So if I’m flying domestically, I should buy a ticket for Jeanne Leblanc. But for overseas travel, it should be for Jeanne Adele Leblanc or at least Jeanne A. Leblanc. But it’s probably OK if it’s not exactly right.

Says the TSA:

But rest assured, the system will be pretty flexible. For the near future, small differences between ID and reservation information, such as the use of a middle initial instead of a full middle name or no middle name/initial at all, should not cause a problem for the passenger.

The TSA will also start asking passengers to declare their sex and date of birth, which fortunately for me, are fairly consistent across all my forms of identification.  The goal, by the way, is to reduce false name matches with the terrorist watch list.


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