China Eastern Passengers Stranded For Days At LAX

A mechanical failure has stranded passengers booked on a China Eastern Airlines flight in Los Angeles for more than two days, the Los Angeles Times reports.

The airline is putting the passengers up at a hotel near LAX but is refusing to put them on another airline for travel to Shanghai. An offer of a half-refund (for one-way travel) is ridiculous, given the cost of walk-up fares.

It’s not unusual for passengers to get stranded for days at a time in severe weather and natural disasters, but it’s hardly excusable for a mechanical fault.

The airline had to fly a mechanic in from Shanghai with a “rare part” to make the repairs, a spokesman told the Associated Press.

Granted, the aircraft in question, an Airbus A340-600, is not flown by many airlines in the world, and none in the United States. But China Eastern has five of them, and ought to be able to scare up the spare parts in fairly short order. 

 Failing that, it ought be able to to scare up seats on a competitor’s plane.


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