Monthly Archives: June 2009

Air New Zealand Spices Up Safety Video

A new safety video just rolled out on Air New Zealand features employees wearing nothing but body paint and shoes.

The video is shot so that the painted-on uniforms don’t reveal much more than the ordinary uniforms would. But the whole thing is a hoot, if only because the employees in the video look as if they’re about to crack up laughing:

The New York Times reveals that one of the employees is Air New Zealand CEO Rob Fyfe. After Googling him, I have to conclude he’s the pilot in the video.

Have Airfares Finally Bottomed Out?

It has become my custom to tell you, gentle readers, that airfares have hit an absolute rock bottom and cannot possibly drop any more, just before they do. (Please note the increased courtliness of my writing style; I have been reading Don Quixote.)

Just last month I went to Honolulu on a $401 round-trip fare from Bradley that I was convinced would never be matched. And last week I bought a $256 round-trip fare to Honolulu from Newark.

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