No Tourists? Blame The Weather Forecast

Tourism is down and there must be someone to blame. The governor of Nevada blames the president. The British beach resort of Bournemouth blames weather forecasters.

According to the BBC, the head of tourism for the Bournemouth Borough Council said weather forecasts are “too generalised” (British for generalized) and therefore, apparently, these forecasts overlook localized (or localised) pockets of sun-drenched joy.

Something like that happened Monday, a holiday in Britain, when the forecasters at the Met Office (British for National Weather Service) said it would be sort of rainy (British for “normal”). It was, in fact,  sort of rainy in parts of  coastal Dorset, but not in Bournemouth. In fact, it was  nice weather, and Bournemouth officials estimated that 25,000 people stayed away because of the forecast. As a result, they said, the local economy lost millions of pounds (British for money).

Now, when I say the weather was nice in Britain, I am applying British standards, which are not high in this regard. the temperature in Bournemouth on Monday was 23 degrees C, which is British for 73 degrees. I would not call this outstanding beach weather, but I am not British. Everything is relative.

I would say, however, that tourism is generally down because lots of people don’t have jobs.


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