White Powder, Doughnut, Bradley International, Huh?

As unseemly as it for some lazy-ass, pajama-clad blogger to complain about the work of reporters who go out and actually gather the news, I have this to say about a report from WTNH-TV about a white powder at Bradley International Airport:


Here’s the three-sentence story, headlined Donut disturbance at Bradley, in its entirety:

Windsor Locks (WTNH) – A suspicious while powder that caused concern at Bradley International Airport turned out to be a breakfast snack. The discovery of the powder Friday morning sent emergency crews into action and even delayed a few flights, an airport spokesman told News Channel 8. But the situation calmed quickly when it was discovered the powder came from a donut.

OK, so what happened there exactly? Whose doughnut was it? What was it doing, exactly? What action did emergency crews take? Did the doughnut survive this action? Are powdered doughnuts on the no-fly list? What about  glazed? (And the word is spelled “doughnut,” no matter what Dunkin’ Donuts says.)


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