Daily Archives: May 24, 2009

White Powder, Doughnut, Bradley International, Huh?

As unseemly as it for some lazy-ass, pajama-clad blogger to complain about the work of reporters who go out and actually gather the news, I have this to say about a report from WTNH-TV about a white powder at Bradley International Airport:


Here’s the three-sentence story, headlined Donut disturbance at Bradley, in its entirety:

Windsor Locks (WTNH) – A suspicious while powder that caused concern at Bradley International Airport turned out to be a breakfast snack. The discovery of the powder Friday morning sent emergency crews into action and even delayed a few flights, an airport spokesman told News Channel 8. But the situation calmed quickly when it was discovered the powder came from a donut.

OK, so what happened there exactly? Whose doughnut was it? What was it doing, exactly? What action did emergency crews take? Did the doughnut survive this¬†action? Are powdered doughnuts on the no-fly list? What about¬† glazed? (And the word is spelled “doughnut,” no matter what Dunkin’ Donuts says.)