Do-It-Yourself Luxury On Kauai

I don't need no stinkin' mat!

I don't need no stinkin' mat!

Yesterday I had a private yoga lesson on the beach on Kauai, followed by an ocean-view¬† lunch of steak and salad. Sounds expensive, but it wasn’t.

The yoga lesson was¬†delivered by my iPod — from the Gentle Yoga series by Rudy Peirce — on a sandbar on Hanalei Bay. I grilled the steak myself at a county beach, with some match-light charcoal from the local Foodland store. Then I went snorkeling.

Hawaii’s beaches are free. No entry fee. No parking fee. No fee to use the bathrooms, or the grills. And nobody looks askance at a middle-aged lady doing a few asanas on a sandbar.


One thought on “Do-It-Yourself Luxury On Kauai

  1. Maryanne

    Well, since you seem to be trying to make us all die of envy in our windowless cubicle (I exaggerate: mine has a window – to another cubicle), I hope you get sand in your bathing suit. But otherwise have a great time. I recommend papaya with plain yogurt for breakfast.


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