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Thinking About Bikes And Trains

Alper Çuğun / http://alper.nl

Alper Çuğun / http://alper.nl

I recently spent $1,500 on new brakes and tires for my Subaru, which refloated the fantasy I have long held under the surface reality of my suburban existence, the dream of life without a car.

In that life, I would ride a bike and trains. Also trolley cars, subways and buses. Maybe a scooter.

Today I’m nurturing that dream at the Connecticut Train Day symposium at Union Station in New Haven, where the topic is bicycling and commuter rail. Rail*Trains*Ecology*Cycling arranged the event, and provided some really good coffee.

Norman Garrick, director of the Center for Transportation and Urban Planning at the University of Connecticut, raised a lot of interesting ideas in an excellent slideshow:

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