Daily Archives: May 8, 2009

Northwest Jet May Be Beyond Repair After Hard Landing

There are reports online, including one from The Aviation Herald, that a Northwest A320 was so damaged by a hard landing in Denver on Monday that it will probably be written off.

The jet, completing a flight from Minneapolis, hit the runway hard with a tailstrike — the back of the jet struck the pavement.

Tailstrikes usually don’t cause such grievous damage. Here’s a photo showing sparks from an MD-80 dragging its tail on takeoff last month from Gdansk, Poland. The aircraft was barely scratched.

The Denver incident was more severe, apparently. The aircraft is 19 years old, and that’s certainly a factor in deciding whether to repair it.

The jet was flying a Northwest route but there are also several reports online that it had recently been repainted in Delta livery. D’oh.


Insane Cruise Deals: $41.50 A Day

Last night the kid booked a four-day Carnival cruise for a grand total of $166 per person, which comes out to $41.50 a day, including all taxes and fees.

For a price they might have paid for a drab motel room, she and her friend will get an inside cabin, three meals a day, plus entertainment, snacks, pools, hot tubs, gym and everything else that goes with a cruise.  Some friends were so excited by the deal that they booked another cabin to make it a foursome.

This is one of the best travel deals I’ve seen in a while, but there are a ton of others for those who dare to spend.

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