National Train Day Is Coming

National Train Day

A certain element in my household is very excited about this weekend, and I’m not talking about Mother’s Day.

Saturday is National Train Day, in recognition of which that element and I are taking Amtrak from Hartford to New Haven to attend a discussion about rail transportation and bicycling. (I once took my bike on Amtrak to Montpelier, Vt., which was a rocking good time despite my discovery that Montpelier, Vt., is made of hills.)

There are events all over the country to mark National Train Day, which itself marks the 140th anniversary of the “golden spike,” driven into the rails to connect the Central Pacific and Union Pacific rails, creating a coast-to-coast track.

Also, if you’re a member of Amtrak Guest Rewards, you can get extra points for riding the train through May 16.

Happy Mother’s Day.


3 thoughts on “National Train Day Is Coming

  1. Don

    Hey, last year Coach Class was treated to a Mother’s Day Rush concert. This year an Amtrak ride. C’mon, what MORE could ya want?


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