Daily Archives: May 6, 2009

Pirates Rescued After Ship Capsizes Their Boat

A merchant ship knocked seven suspected pirates into the Gulf of Aden when it rammed their small boat and capsized it as they tried to board the ship, Europa Press reports (in Spanish). The suspected pirates were rescued by a Spanish naval vessel.

In fact, it was the same naval vessel — the Marqués de la Ensenada — that responded to an attack last month on the MSC Melody cruise ship. So let’s hear it for La Armada Española.

The captain of the Spanish ship, by the way, is named Alfonso Carlos Gómez Fernández de Córdoba. So dashing! (With Spanish accent: “I am Capitan Alfonso Carlos Gómez Fernández de Córdoba. Put down your swords or prepare to die … Also,  don’t drip on my deck, por favor.”)


Bad Passenger Roundup

Just read an amusing column by Rick Seaney of FareCompare.com entitled The Six Worst Airplane Passengers of 2009.

And it’s barely May.

Rick chose to profile tantrum at the gate lady, deploy the slide guy, I have a bomb guy, plus two particularly egregious drunks and a miscellaneous freakout case.

Let’s keep these people in mind when traveling, for perspective. Maybe the guy in the next seat isn’t quite that bad.