Joe Biden Didn’t Officially Mean It

“Let’s just talk as non-experts, you and me,” said Matt Lauer to Vice President Joe Biden. And so they did.

Biden’s office says he really didn’t mean to advise against flying on airplanes or using mass transit because of the risk of contracting swine flu, but that’s very clearly what he said:

His office suggested that wasn’t what he meant to say. Certainly it isn’t what he should have said.


One thought on “Joe Biden Didn’t Officially Mean It

  1. Kristina

    What a joke Joe Biden is. I can see why the white house doesnt let him out. I think they should keep him behind closed doors. He really is a true idiot. What an embarrassment. We have idiots and morons running the white house. One that cannot control their words and the other has a teleprompter and has everything written for them and think its hysterically funny that the economy is a mess. I am embarassed at who Americans picked to run the white house. This is going to be a long four years. I wish I would have had a place on the ballot. I would have also loved the chance to do OJT in the white house.


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