Travel Companies May Face Bankruptcy

MSN Money recently published a list of 30 companies at risk of going bankrupt, and it’s heavy on companies involved in the financial sector, the auto industry and, of course, travel.

On that list at:

No. 4: Six Flags, which announced an offer Friday to exchange stock for debt. If that effort is unsuccessful, the company “may file for reorganization under Chapter 11 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code,” the Washington Business Journal reports.

No. 18: Harrah’s Entertainment, which controls 30 percent of the hotel rooms on the Las Vegas Strip, is controlled by private equity investors who are trying to buy the company’s debt at a steep discount so they’ll remain in charge if the company goes bankrupt, the Las Vegas Sun reports.

No. 24: UAL, the parent company of United Airlines, will report first-quarter results Tuesday and analysts are not optimistic, the Chicago Tribune reports. The whole airline sector is in trouble, and some analysts think United is a likely merger partner.

No. 25. MGM Mirage, which controls half the hotel rooms on the Las Vegas strip, recently worked out a deal to save its massive CityCenter project but some investors, including corporate raider Carl Icahn, are pushing for bankruptcy, MarketWatch reports.

No. 30: Travelport is not a consumer brand, but the company sells computer software and technology to the travel industry.


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