Photo: Santiago de Compostela, Spain

I took this photo in Santiago de Compostela, Spain, in the northern province of Galicia, in April 2007.


My husband and daughter and I had walked through town to the Paseo de la Herradura, a lovely park on the slope of a hill, on the day before Easter. When we turned to look downhill, we could see the towers of the ancient cathedral through the budding trees.

Trouble was, my camera battery was dying. It had been maddeningly difficult to keep the battery charged in Spain because all the hotels shut off electricity when guests leave their rooms. I managed to snap off a few more shots by removing the camera battery, warming it up in my hands and putting it back in.

My husband, father and I had come to Santiago to meet my daughter and my mother, who has walked 70 miles in the final stage of the traditional pilgrimage to the city. The cathedral was their destination.

They intend to return and walk the entire distance from the French border, about 500 miles.


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