Bradley Gets Expert Security Lanes

Bradley International Airport has become the 51st airport in the country to set up self-select security lanes, Shawn R. Beals reports in The Courant.

It’s a good idea that seems to work in other places. People decide whether they’re expert travelers who can whip their shoes off and lay out their laptops in record time, casual travelers who need a little more time or family travelers who need to herd a passel of kids through the process.

When people make the right choices, it avoids the kind of scenes where angry business travelers get stuck behind ponderous vacationers. I once stood for what seemed like eons behind a couple at the airport in Honolulu as the man emptied out the vast contents of his pockets one object at a time, examining each one before he put it down in the basket. I thought the businessman behind me was going to have a stroke.

Me, I have expert credentials but a kind of casual mind. I can flake out pretty easily, even after years of doing the same drill. I might belong in that middle lane.


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