Rental Car Deals Offered On One-Way Trips From Florida

It’s that time of year again. Some rental car companies are doing their annual Florida drive outs, offering low rates to drivers willing to take a one-way trip out of Florida.

Drivers snag a bargain and the companies redistribute their fleets northward for the summer.

Not all the rental companies are offering drive out deals, and I don’t think it’s my imagination that these rates seem harder to book online than in recent years. In noodling around with it, I was able to get special rates into Connecticut only on the Alamo and National sites.

Both companies are offering their lowest rates — as low as $10 a day — only to drivers heading for other southeastern states. Renters going farther will pay more, but still less than $20 a day. Of course there are taxes and fees, as well.

Avis is also offering one-way rentals from Arizona to California or Nevada starting at $18 a day.

If you’re interested in doing this, I suggest checking out the home pages of major car rental companies. Look for a link to one-way Florida rentals and click on it to get the rates, dates and other pertinent information. If reserving online doesn’t work, try calling. These deals are a little tricky, and an agent may be of help.

My theory is that “drive out” rates may be less available and less attractive because the slumping economy has reduced demand so that rental companies are less likely to face a shortage of cars in any given area. Why bother moving what you can’t rent?

But that’s just a theory. Maybe there’s something else going on.


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