How To Say Phuket, Oaxaca And Other Difficult Place Names

Just ran across a list on of the Top 10 Mispronounced Places. No. 8 is Coxsackie, N.Y., where I lived for seven years when I was a child.

Oh, how we cringed at some of the attempted pronunciations of that particular hometown. But perhaps we did not cringe as deeply as the English speakers who live in Phuket, Thailand …

For the record, anyway, it’s (Cook-SOCK-ee). And because I now live in Connecticut, I need to point out that the the second c is silent, (Konn-ETT-ih-kut or Kon-ETT-ih-ket). The second ending is preferred only when rhyming it with etiquette in a limerick, to whit:

Speaking of mispronounced names,
Ignoring what Britain proclaims
  Here in Connecticut
  By regional etiquette
Our river is known as the THAMES


3 thoughts on “How To Say Phuket, Oaxaca And Other Difficult Place Names

  1. Matt Walter

    I’m going back to visit this Christmas – haven’t been back to Coxsackie since the mid 70’s! Maryanne, I was class of 70 – you were a year behind me, right? Hope we can get back in touch!


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