Where To Hunt For Travel Deals And Bargains

So there are travel bargains everywhere and despite all the economic fear and uncertainty, you want to take advantage of the deals. Where to start?

I recommend keeping your eye on three Web sites until the right deal turns up for you. There are many more, but these three will keep you very well informed.

1. First and foremost is frommers.com, where you want to keep an eye on both Arthur Frommer’s blog and the daily newsletter. You can also subscribe to get the newsletter by email. It and the blog are loaded with specific tips about package deals, budget destinations and cruises.

2. TravelZoo partners with companies that offer some really great bargains, mostly along the well-beaten tourist path. Subscribe to the weekly newsletter for a blast of deals every Wednesday.

3.Airfarewatchdog.com allows you to customize its database air fare sales to any originating airport. My bookmark is for deals out of Bradley. If you want to plan your own trip, start here.

These sites are terrific tools, especially for bargain hunters who haven’t decided exactly where they want to go. Of course there are many other excellent sites to help you plan a trip once you’ve chosen a destination, including metasearch sites like Kayak and TripAdvisor.


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