Northwest Cancels Bradley To Amsterdam Flight

A few days ago my friend John said he was worried that Northwest would not resume its flight from Bradley to Amsterdam in June, as planned. Clearly, John should be writing this blog.

Today Northwest, which is slowly being digested by Delta, announced that, indeed, the flights will not resume. The phrase in Eric Gershon’s story in The Courant was “not financially viable at this time.” Oh, well.

It’s not a surprise but it’s a disappointment. I took that flight a year ago on my way to Istanbul and I thought it was great. Northwest did it on a 757 modified for transatlantic service, and the extra leg room made up for the inconvenience of having only a single aisle.

In any event, Bradley will remain without a transatlantic or a transcontinental flight for now. I suspect that won’t change until the economy improves substantially.


2 thoughts on “Northwest Cancels Bradley To Amsterdam Flight

  1. fred manville

    Its indeed sad that this service will not resume. Over the course of its run, i took this flight 4 times, and you just cant beat driving to Bradley and being in Europe 6 hours later.

  2. John

    Well, I’m going to Amsterdam anyway, but it’s going to take me almost twice as long to get there. I regret not taking advantage of that flight when I could.


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