A Frugal Cell Phone Strategy For Travel Abroad

The New York Times’ Frugal Traveler columnist, Matt Gross, had a very interesting piece Tuesday about a cheap way to keep in touch via cell phone while traveling abroad.

It involves Skype and forwarding and it’s all fairly complicated, but it sure seems worth the effort if you travel enough and talk enough. I have an unlocked cell phone and I’ve used local country chips, so I’m part of the way there. But I haven’t yet used the Skype-to-cellphone gateway that Gross employs.

I might first have a look first at Google Voice, which he believes may simplify things.

Either way, I’d like to give it a try although I admit I’m much better at computers than at phones. I often find myself unable to locate my phone when it rings, unable to keep it adequately charged and unable to remember the number.

Maybe that’s why I prefer email. I spent 18 days in Costa Rica without talking to my husband or daughter by phone, but we exchanged emails almost every day and used Gchat several times. Still, a cheap way to use the cell phone would have been nice …


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