Delta, Northwest Merger Pits Coke Against Pepsi

Delta serves Coke. Northwest serves Pepsi. Something’s gotta give, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and USA Today’s Ben Mutzabaugh.

Coke and Delta are both big business in Atlanta, but Delta appears to be backing away from an earlier statement that only Coke would be served on the merged airline. In any case, nothing will change until the airlines’ respective contracts with their respective beverage suppliers expire.

I can’t claim neutrality here as French Canadians are genetically predisposed to prefer Pepsi.


One thought on “Delta, Northwest Merger Pits Coke Against Pepsi

  1. Lisa D

    Personally, I was never so tickled as when I flew on Northwest into Detroit and found out they served Pepsi products. I’m usually stuck with USAir and they only serve Coke, and I don’t like Coke at all. I hope they decide on Pepsi products when the dust settles.


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