In Defense Of Travel

Somebody forwarded me a superb piece defending the choice to travel. It was written not by a travel blogger but by Bill Marvin, a consultant called the Restaurant Doctor who writes an online newsletter titled the Electronic House Call.

The newsletters aim to help restaurant owners run their businesses, but they are so well-written and touch such universal themes that they could help you run any business — or even just help you think about the way your run your life.

Like Bill Marvin and his wife, my husband and I have cut back on some of the trappings of the middle-class American lifestyle so that we can spend a higher percentage of our income on travel than most people do. And we’re ferocious bargain hunters who, when we travel, usually spend considerably less than the norm. Who is to say this is more of an extravagance than a large house, a big family or an expensive car?

Anyway, I wish I’d written such a terrific piece, but I didn’t. So read the Restaurant Doctor’s prescription. It’s a gem.


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