Splash Landing, Peep Style

peepsonaplane.jpgIt’s that time of year: the Chicago Tribune is again collecting pictures of Easter peeps in scenarios arranged by its readers.

This depiction of US Airways Flight 1549 after it “splash landed” in the Hudson River is, in my opinion, brilliant. Please note not only the peeps on the wing of the plane, but also the peeps in the sky, representing (one assumes) the geese (at least the surviving ones) that menaced said airliner.

Of course peep art interpretation can be tricky, even for a connoisseur such as myself. But I think it safe to say the artists are drawing a clear distinction between the traditional yellow chick peeps in the sky and the multicolored bunny peeps on the wings.

Does this suggest a subtext of conflict between the traditional and the modern, the displaced and the replacements? The artists, Shelley Lurie and Jill Dubois, are thus far silent on the subject.

“We couldn’t resist,” was their coy comment on their masterpiece.

More peep art can be found at the Tribune’s Peeps on Parade site


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