Gate Confusion At Bradley

Funny coincidence. Yesterday the kid was flying out of Bradley but had trouble finding her depature gate. Today the airport released the results of a survey that concluded, among other things, that “Bradley officials would work with airlines to make sure flight information is being displayed as clearly as possible throughout the airport,” The Courant’s Shawn R. Beals reports.

The kid was flying to the West Coast via Detroit on Northwest, and her boarding pass had a Northwest flight number. But the flight was listed only by a Delta flight number on the airport monitors. The kid asked around, and being informed enough to know that Delta and Northwest are merging, found a Delta gate with a Delta flight number and a Delta gate agent — with a Northwest jet at the gate.

There was no indication on her boarding pass of the Delta flight number and no indication on the Delta gate or the airport monitors of the Northwest flight number. For somebody who doesn’t fly often or who has language difficulties, this could be terribly confusing. And that kind of confusion could happen with any code-share flight, not just those involving the Delta-Northwest merger.

So, anyhow, nice to know Bradley intends to address that. It’s a pleasant airport, as the rest of the survey seemed to confirm.


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