Southwest Flight Attendant Raps Safety Spiel

David Holmes, a Southwest flight attendant, likes to give the safety instructions in rap form with lyrics like this:

Federal aviation regulation mean
that you have to comply with the following:
the posted placards and the lighted signs
and the stuff that we told you a hundred times …

A passenger recorded one of his performances, augmented by rhythmic passenger stomping and clapping, on her cell phone, and the videos are getting some traction on YouTube. It makes you wonder why there isn’t more fun in public places.

These videos, by the way, are mainly audio. The visuals aren’t much:

[Added 3/17/09: an interview with David Holmes in The Wall Street Journal’s Middle Seat.]


2 thoughts on “Southwest Flight Attendant Raps Safety Spiel

  1. Cindy

    This is one of the reasons I enjoy flying on Southwest, as opposed to tolerating flying on other airlines.
    The crew is permitted to enjoy their job.
    This more than makes up for the lack of assigned seating.
    One of the reasons so many people ignore the safety spiel is because it’s been done so many times in exactly the same way. They just tune out.
    With Southwest, I listen, just to hear what this particular crew is going to do with it! :)


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