Daily Archives: March 14, 2009

Six Flags Hopes To Avoid Bankruptcy

Six Flags is on the verge of bankruptcy, but is trying to restructure its massive debt to stave that off, The New York Times reports:

Outside the glare of government bailouts for big banks and federal support for automakers are companies like Six Flags, whose day-to-day businesses may be solid but whose balance sheet is loaded with debt that was piled on during the credit boom but cannot be supported by cash flow from operations.

Oh, I get it. It’s kind of like a newspaper chain.

Six Flags has 12 theme parks in the United States, including one in Agawam, Mass., as well as one in Mexico and one in Canada.


AA Engine Failure: Debris Or Maintenance Problem?

American Airlines says the engine that failed and came apart — “grenaded” was the word one commenter applied — on one of its MD-80s may have been damaged by debris sucked up from the runway at LaGuardia, Newsday reports. Which would be a lot better for the airline than another theory involving¬†maintenance problems. Of course, they’re not mutually exclusive. An inadequately¬†maintained engine could suck up debris.

Planes, Birds And Journalism

Many years ago, when I was an editor at The Hartford Courant, the mascot of the University of Connecticut, a Siberian husky (named Jonathan X not for any radical associations but because he was the tenth such mascot) slipped his leash and was killed by a car.

I was working that day and was involved in assigning the coverage of this event, which appeared on the front page of The Courant the next day. This placement seemed excessive to a fellow journalist with whom I am well-acquainted, despite this particular dog’s prominence and symbolic meaning.

“Look, another A1 story,” he would shout, every time he saw road kill. This went on for years.

I’m starting to understand what he meant, particularly when I read another story about a plane hitting birds.