Frommer’s Getting With Kindle

It’s now possible to buy 12 Frommer’s city guides — which would cost more than $200 in book form — for $40 in digital form for a Kindle electronic book, the Associated Press reports.

This is all very interesting. Lonely Planet took a very different approach to going digital, offering individual chapters of its books for download in PDF format, for printing or reading on a laptop computer.

In the long run,Frommer’s probably has the right technology. I think the Kindle is taking off.

Still, I wonder whether Lonely Planet has a good idea in terms of the sales strategy. A bundle of city guides will appeal to a business traveler, but individual chapters are all a leisure traveler may want. And selling by the chapter could bring in more money per book.

Anyway, it will take a while for the technology, the audience and the economy to work the whole thing out.


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