Rich People Feel Guilty, Travel Less Ostentatiously

There is an interesting story this morning in USA Today about “luxury shame,” which is compelling rich people to travel less, or more modestly.

The travel industry is responding by pitching luxury less and value more. Some are incorporating philanthropy in their advertising, with offers to donate some profits to charity.

Realizing that the rich are now slumming among us, incognito, I have drawn up some guidelines on how to spot them Here are some dead give-aways:

• They don’t know what do do with their coats in the economy cabin.

• They declare loudly, “Look Bunny, you can see the wings from back here.”

• They ask the fllight attendant to donate their uneaten peanuts to disadvantaged elephants.

• They insist on paying for bottled water on U.S. Airways.

• They ask for the concierge at the Comfort Inn.

• They use other words that sound French.

(For the record, I’m not slumming. I’m just middle class and kind of cheap — and that was true even before it was fashionable and I was unemployed.)


One thought on “Rich People Feel Guilty, Travel Less Ostentatiously

  1. Maryanne Leblanc

    Hey, middle class folks don’t have to be cheap to be in economy – we really can’t afford first class! (At least not more than once in a lifetime.) Even full-price economy is only for employers in a hurry or dubious procrastinators like myself traveling on Southwest…


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