TripAdvisor, Kayak In Smackdown

TripAdvisor has come out with a flight metasearch engine, and Kayak is coming back with a big redesign of its TravelPost hotel review site, due by the end of March.

Way to step on each other’s turf.

Kayak’s CEO, Steve Hafner, has made no secret of wanting to turn TravelPost into a “true competitor” to the much larger TripAdvisor on hotel reviews. TripAdvisor, part of the vast Expedia empire, is aiming its flight metasearch right at Kayak, the leader in that field.

Hafner is talking smack about TripAdvisor, which he says has “polluted the Web” with commercialization. Considering what else is already on the Web, that’s kind of harsh. Hafner’s point, though, is that TripAdvisor pushes Expedia brands along with reviews from travelers. He says TravelPost will be more independent.

Oh, and TravelZoo has joined the fray with a new flight search engine called


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