Photo: Goreme, Cappadocia, Turkey

Photos were what drew me to Cappadocia, the part of Turkey where people lived in caves for thousands of years. I took this one myself in February 2008 at the Göreme Open-Air Museum:


I was entranced by the photos my parents brought back from Turkey, especially those of the caves and “fairy towers” of Cappadocia. When I finally had a chance to visit, I figured it was too bad it would be cold and snowy.

But the sun was warm, the air crisp and clear, and the sights were fantastic. Putting up with a little ice and mud, but free from crowds and noise, I spent a remarkable afternoon at the Göreme Open Air Museum with my sister Maryanne, my niece Maeve and her friend Luke.

The fantastic rock outcroppings are pocked with caves, some of which served as churches for early Christians hiding from their enemies. Some centuries-old cave paintings remain.

During our trip through the region, we also stayed in cave hotels in Ayvali Village and Göreme town.


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