Airfare Deals: $170 To Vegas, $464 To Honolulu And More

I just had a look at‘s list for bargain airfares from Bradley International and was knocked over by what I found. These are round trips:

* to Las Vegas, $145 base fare, totaling $170 with taxes and fees

* to several cities in California, $205, with taxes and fees totaling about $240

* to Honolulu, $425, with taxes and fees $464

* to Chicago, $109, with taxes and fees $139

* to Detroit, $114, with taxes and fees $156

Many of these fares are available through the middle of August. Some are available seven days a week.

They’re all great deals.


One thought on “Airfare Deals: $170 To Vegas, $464 To Honolulu And More

  1. Bob B

    I’ve recently used for some wonderful savings. Most Las Vegas deals, top discounts and bargains are either posted or advertised on their website. also appears to update the offers quite often.


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