Turkish Airlines 737 Crashes Near Amsterdam

It’s not at all clear why a Turkish Airlines 737 crashed into a field this morning on approach to Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam.

An Associated Press photo:


The plane was fairly new, the airline has a good safety record, the weather was clear and the pilot was experienced.

At least nine people are dead, and dozens are injured. The fact that the aircraft hit a plowed field may have mitigated the impact and saved lives, the AP reports.

Update: OK, maybe Turkish Airlines’ safety record isn’t all that good, according to Bloomberg.


One thought on “Turkish Airlines 737 Crashes Near Amsterdam

  1. istanblue

    but u know how safe s bloomberg? :)search turkish airlines’ history,what kind of planes they got,which pilots they got and ask to any european u know bout turkish airlines ;then u ll get the best answer..Greetz


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