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Sullenberger: Pay Cuts Driving Pilots From Job

All the applause and hero worship aside, I think what we really owe Capt. Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger for his amazing “splash landing” in the Hudson is the courtesy of listening to him. Here’s what he told the Subcommittee on Aviation of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee this morning:

… while I love my profession, I do not like what has happened to it. I would not be doing my duty if I did not report to you that I’m deeply troubled about its future. Americans have been experiencing huge economic difficulties in recent months, but airline employees have been experiencing those challenges and more for eight years. We’ve been hit by an economic tsunami. September 11th, bankrupcties, fluctuating fuel prices, mergers, loss of pensions and revolving-door management teams who have used airlines employees as an ATM have left the people who work for the airlines in the United States with extreme economic difficulties. It is an incredible testament to the collective character, professionalism and dedication of my colleagues in the industry that they are still able to function at such a high level.

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Airfare Deal: $367 Round Trip To Europe

Thanks to Arthur Frommer for this tip: U.S. Airways is offering round trips to 17 cities in western Europe, including Paris, Rome and London, from New York or Philadelphia for $367. That includes taxes and fees.

These fares are going fast. There are lots of restrictions and you must buy by Thursday for travel ending by May 20.

I’d recommend that you read the terms closely and then use the “low fare finder” search option on the U.S. Airways reservation page to see if you can find these fares. Use LaGuardia (LGA) as your departure point from New York and page through the dates using the “3 days earlier” and “3 days later” buttons for departures and arrivals.

If you see fares of $149 each way, the total will come out around $367, with taxes and fees included, for the round trip.

Using this method, I seem to to be finding these fares for most routings, though on just a few dates in some cases. It was harder to find between LaGuardia and Barcelona, for example, than between Philadelphia and Madrid.

UPDATE: Arthur Frommer reports that Continental is matching this fare.