Cruise Deals And Bargains: Transatlantic Repositioning Voyages

A mass-market cruise used to be considered a great bargain at $100 per day, per person. After all, passengers get lodging, entertainment and three meals a day.

It’s now possible in this extreme buyers’ market to find cruises at less than $50 a day, including all taxes and government fees.

These cruises are almost all transatlantic repositioning cruises of more than 10 days, with many of those days spent at sea. They leave in April from Florida or the Caribbean, moving ships to Europe for the summer cruise season. This means the passengers must arrange one-way or open-jaw flights home, which can add considerably to the expense.

Still, these are tremendous bargains. I’ve located several and researched price and availability to be sure they can be bought (at least as of this writing) for a total of less than $50 per day, per person, including all taxes and port fees. Here they are:

The Norwegian Jewel leaves Miami on April 17 for an 11-day, transatlantic repositioning cruise that ends in London. Inside cabins are being sold for $299 per person, double occupany, with taxes and fees raising the total to $366 per person, or $33 per day. It’s available from via TravelZoo.

Royal Caribbean’s Vision of the Seas leaves Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic on April 19 for a 14-day trip to London for a total of $408 per person, double occupancy in an inside cabin. This comes to a rock-bottom, staggering $29 a day. This price is available from White Travel Services, based in West Hartford. (Several other agencies are showing prices slightly higher.)

The somewhat more upscale Celebrity Summit sails from San Juan, Puerto Rico, on April 18 for a 12-day voyage ending in Barcelona. The total cost is $594 per person for an inside cabin, coming to $49.50 per day. This price is available from Travelocity, among others. 

Royal Caribbeann’s Independence of the Seas leaves April 12 from Fort Lauderdale for a 13-day journey to Southampton, England, for an inside cabin total of $647 per person, double, a sliver under $50 per day. White Travel Services has the deal, among others.

A much-publicized sailing of Royal Caribbean’s Navigator of the Seas from Fort Lauderdale to Barcelona has already sold out its inside cabins. At these prices, the other ships are also likely to sell out.

The cost of flying back from Europe may add prohibitively to the expense of these cruises, although I’d urge anyone who’s thinking about it to take a stab at the one-way fares on and If you can’t go now, consider that there may be equally good deals in the fall, when these ships return to the United States.

For everyone else, I’ll be looking in future blog entries at some cruise deals that start and end in the United States, including those from less-congested home ports.



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  1. Debra

    Thanks for the heads up. I’ve been trying to find a fun and inexpensive way to get to England for myself and my husband. Don’t mind the flight back as we wanted to spend several weeks in England.


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