Airline Employment Continues To Fall

Airlines eliminated nearly 28,000 jobs in 2008, reports The Dallas Morning News off a report from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics.

That’s 6.6 percent of the work force overall. This inevitably means less service — and the airlines have confirmed that with announcements of flight cutbacks — and probably also worse service.

And it’s not going to get better soon. Delta just announced it will cut at least another 2,100 jobs through voluntary buyouts.  (After handing out millions worth of stock to its executives, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.)

It makes you wonder how Southwest Airlines, which has never laid off a single employee, managed to increase its work force by 3.3 percent in 2008. Was it the fuel hedging? The company’s massive cash reserves? The strategy of not relying on inflated premium fares?

Yeah. Or you could just call it good management.


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