Small Cruise Ship Runs Aground In Antarctica

Several Spanish-language media outlets are reporting that the cruise ship Ocean Nova has run aground in Antarctica.

The ship’s hull is intact, no fuel is leaking and there is no danger to the 74 passengers and 30 crew, according to Reuters America Latina. (A report in English from The Earth Times says the ship “was expected to move out on its own once the tide came in.”)

A Spanish scientific ship and the cruise ship Clipper Adventure are reportedly on their way to assist the Ocean Nova, a Bahamas-flagged cruise ship operated by Quark Expeditions, based in Norwalk, Conn., a subsidiary of Britain’s TUI Travel PLC.

If all this sounds familiar, it’s because in December the Argentine ship M.V. Ushuaia ran aground off the coast of Antarctica. The 83 passengers were taken off the ship, which was later freed by a tug. In November 2007, the cruise ship Explorer hit an iceberg and sank in the Antarctic Ocean; the 154 passengers and crew were rescued from rafts.

There’s more up-to-date detail from Gene Sloan at the USA Today Cruise Log.


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