Arthur And Pauline Frommer Speak

I had the good fortune, over the weekend, of hearing Pauline and Arthur Frommer speak at the New York Times Travel Show.

They covered a great many topics in two sessions, from medical tourism to the value of the South African rand. The recurring theme was simple and compelling: it’s a buyer’s market for the travel consumer.

“In these times of economic crisis we are experiencing the greatest bargains we have ever seen,” Arthur Frommer said.

Pauline Frommer, his daughter, spoke of tremendous deals at the “new underclass” of vacation destinations, including Hawaii and Las Vegas. Practically abandoned by the airlines, which are cutting flights, hotels and tour operators in those places are desperate to make a deal with you.

If you can get to Los Angeles next weekend, you can hear the Frommers speak Feb. 14 at the Los Angeles Times Travel & Adventure Show. I highly recommend it.

 (I just learned, too, that they have a radio show on WOR radio in New York. How did I not know that? If you missed the New York show and can’t make the Los Angeles show, hit the link above and listen to the Feb. 8 podcast of the show, which covers much of the same ground.) 

There will be many other fine speakers at the travel show, including George Hobica of and Guidebook author Rick Steves. Tickets to the show, which includes access to the exhibition floor, cost $10 at the door and $8 if purchased in advance online.


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