WSJ To Would-Be Travelers: Get A Job

I love the headline on Sunday’s Wall Street Journal article: “Travel Bargains for the Employed

It’s actually an excellent wrap-up of hotel and airline deals, and sagely points out that these opportunities don’t do much for people without cash. If you have any, though, you might want to read it.

Among the parts that interested me:

Consider New York: “Last year, two-star hotels in questionable locations were charging rates in the high $200s and low $300s,” says Peter Yesawich, chairman and chief executive of Ypartnership, a marketing-services firm that specializes in the travel industry. “Now at Hotel Pennsylvania or the Radisson Lexington Hotel, you see rates that are $129, $149, $169,” Mr. Yesawich says.

(My own tactic for New York is to stay at a nice hotel in Stamford and ride the train in. I see weekend rates of $99 right now at the Stamford Marriott.)


One thought on “WSJ To Would-Be Travelers: Get A Job

  1. 45vinyljunkie

    I have a better tactic for when I visit New York City. I stay at my cousins’ house in Garden City, N.Y., which is in Nassau County on Long Island. Then they drive me to Manhattan, and I spend the day doing whatever I please. You can’t beat it.


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