Photo: Vejez de la Frontera, Spain

I took this picture in Vejez de la Frontera in southern Spain, as I sat with my family at a cliffside cafe. I just pointed the camera upward at the blossoms in the orange tree we were sitting under:


We were heading down to Tarifa, at the southern tip of Spain, after a few days in Seville. As we passed some the white cities, I was itching to stop at one. We drove up a very steep hill into Vejez de la Frontera, and then walked to a very lovely little sidewalk cafe with excellent bocas.

The waitress had to cross the street to bring us her food, but there wasn’t much traffic. It was a very peaceful day.

I used to think that apple blossoms were the finest scent on Earth, but that was before I smelled orange blossoms. We had just left Seville, where the orange trees were loaded with blossoms and fruit — they can bear both at the same time..


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