Spirit: The Hooters Of Airlines

Maybe I’m being unfair to Hooters. At least they serve hot food …

Spirit Airlines has dusted off its MILF (if you don’t know what it means, try Google) promotion and introduced some other tacky double-entendres in its advertising, over the objections of its flight attendants and pilots.

The ads are sophomoric and tedious, and pretty much par for the course for Spirit. I guess they attract the drunken frat boy customers Spirit deserves.

The rest of us can stay away, not because we’re outraged at political incorrectness but because we’re not that stupid.

Besides, there are better airlines out there.


2 thoughts on “Spirit: The Hooters Of Airlines

  1. Jeanne Leblanc

    Believe me, I wouldn’t go near Spirit’s you-know-what. But I do appreciate the gentility of your language. Spirit could learn from you!


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